Picking products by hair type may be going the way of the three-step skincare days of yore.

Two new lines – HerCut and Revolution In Cut – have hit the market with claims that their technology is based on styling specific haircut needs.

"We've created a whole new category, which is so hard to do in the hair care industry," says HerCut Founder Bob Salem, who has a rich hair career invention history with L'Oréal and Aveda.

Hercut's line of hair cut based styling products. Courtesy Photo

"After studying how women feel about their hair, I discovered it was the cut that really made a style. I'm a marketing guy, so I follow emotion. When women love their hair, it's because they love the cut," says Salem.

Currently a hit at Sephora and Fred Segal's best-selling hair brand, HerCut is comprised of a line of styling preps called "catalysts" that are scientifically formulated to work with specific cuts like long layers, pixies and shags.

"It was an expensive process – we invented the macro molecules needed to hold cuts differently. Like when you have long layers, you need more volume support at the root and a curvaceous look and movement to the hair. But when you've got a blunt cut, you want more hold, and we created tumbling polymers to force the hair to move forward," says Salem.

HerCut also has a line of shampoos and conditioners whose yummy, "clean" scent we fell in love with – and are based on the more traditional scalp needs of oily, normal and dry hair. Look for the brand to roll out to QVC beauty junkies starting February 6th.

Meanwhile, celebrity hair stylist Ric Pipino is launching a similar concept for drugstore divas that will sell exclusively in CVS-adjacent Beauty 360 locations through March.

Revolution in Cut's line of products. Courtesy Photo

Revolution In Cut "primers" are formulated with amino acids, proteins, vitamins and a nanosphere technology to increase the strength and elasticity of hair so that it's easier to style. Specific levels of hold, volume, texture and shine are customized to haircuts like the layered bob, short layers and the blunt. The line also boasts a light daily shampoo and conditioner suitable for all hair types.

"The hair care industry has always tended to focus on products addressing color and hair texture, but everyone in life has a defining haircut and the idea for the line was when I kept hearing my clients ask me for products that would keep their haircut looking fresh in between salon visits," says Pipino, who says his most memorable celeb styling moment was working on his childhood icon Faye Dunaway's hair.

Revolution In Cut also contains styling aids with tempting names like, "Lift Me," "Smooth Me," "Curl Me," and "Tousle Me."

Now that's a woman's favorite kind of dirty talk.