Bobbi Brown created soft coral lips at Rachel Roy's Spring 2010 fashion show. Photo: Getty Images

Ladies, toss that red lipstick.

Bobbi Brown has created a spring collection focusing on, of all things, the color coral.

Her new Cabana Coral collection is made up of glosses, lipsticks, pot rouge and lust-worthy shimmerbricks in warm, pinky peach shades that aim to throw a punch into the frosty days of Feb.

Now, don't get us wrong: coral looks fabulous on the runways (Brown previewed the melon-y shade Guava at Rachel Roy's Spring 2010 show) but we mere mortals are a little afraid we'll look like Grandma Merle with a blinding bright slash of rose-smelling lipstick.

Don't be, Brown assures us.

Just like foundations (remember your mom's old chalky pink formula?), corals have come a long way, and -- are actually a secret tool to reinvigorate your complexion and make you look younger if applied right.

Now, we like the sound of that.

"Once a woman finds her perfect coral, she'll realize how pretty and modern it is, and that a pop of color helps to instantly brighten the face," Bobbi Brown tells Stylelist.

Finding your ideal shade isn't complicated, either.

"For paler skins, cool corals are the most flattering. And I like to pair it with a pop of Calypso Coral Pot Rouge on the cheeks for a gorgeous beachy glow. To brighten up medium skin tones, I recommend a stronger coral, like a Guava Lip Color or Coral Reef Metallic Lip Color. And deeper tones can pull off sun-kissed orange shades like Cabo Coral Lip Color and Calypso Glaze Metallic Lip Color," advises Brown.

Pops of pretty from Bobbi Brown's Cabana Coral Collection. Courtesy Photo

If you're tempted to try the trend but are still shy about color, blot with a tissue for a gently dialed-down version that's safe enough to hit the grocery store in.

And pass the beauty tip on to Grandma.