Looks like someone didn't get the memo explaining the meaning of NSFW (not suitable for work).

Australian banker David Kiely of Macquarie Bank has been publicly humiliated and threatened with firing after news footage aired showing him looking at nude and scantily clad photos of Miranda Kerr from her racy GQ shoot on his computer -- but now the supermodel is coming to his defense, the Herald Sun reports.

Kiely was reportedly sitting in front of his computer ogling the images while his colleague Martin Lakos was filming a live segment for Australia's Channel 7 news behind him.

Unfortunately for Kiely, both he and a naked Kerr can be seen in the background of the broadcast, which has now become a YouTube sensation, according to the paper. (Our favorite part? When Kiely, chatting with a co-worker, realizes he's being filmed and turns around.)

Since those aren't the kind of "figures" bankers are meant to be analyzing on company time, Kiely is reportedly facing punishment from his employer.

Financial Website Hereisthecity.com was the first to leap to the banker's defense, launching a "Save Dave" campaign demanding that Macquarie not fire Kiely, the source reports. The site reportedly claims that Kiely was the victim of a prank.

But now Kiely has an ace in the hole: Miranda Kerr herself.

"I am told there is a petition to save his job and of course I would sign it," the Australian beauty told the paper.

Something tells us a foxy supermodel might be more persuasive with the higher-ups than a bunch of suits.

Either way, let this be a lesson to not scope out naughty pics on your office computer. That's why iPhones were invented, people.

Meanwhile, check out LOVE's eight nude covers -- when your boss isn't looking and colleague isn't filming, that is.