Naomi Campbell is hosting Fashion for Relief to benefit Haiti. Photo: ELIOT PRESS/

New Yorkers, hold onto your winter hats. Naomi Campbell is coming to town and she's bringing her coterie of famous friends, designers, stylists -- and some help for the people of Haiti.

Today the mega-model is announcing her plans to organize a celeb-filled Fashion for Relief runway show and auction during New York Fashion Week. The show, which will be hosted by Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, is slated for 7 p.m. on Feb. 12 at the tents at Bryant Park. The proceeds from ticket sales and auction items will benefit the earthquake recovery efforts in Haiti through Care, an organization dedicated to fighting global poverty, especially among women.

Unlike most other Fashion Week gatherings, this show will be open to the public. American Express cardholders get first dibs, with tickets available to them this Friday. (American Express is a sponsor of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.) Starting at 10 a.m. Feb. 7, seats will be sold to anyone via Ticketmaster for $100 or $150 a piece.

Campbell is also staging a similar show during London Fashion Week. We spoke to the supermodel In between organizing both events and getting ready for her own strut down the runway (we expect to see her at Dennis Basso, since she is the face of his current campaign).

StyleList: Congrats on pulling this together so quickly - and in London too!

Naomi Campbell: It only gets executed because everyone's collaboration and times and efforts are making it work. Everyone jumps in. It's just brilliant, I'm proud to be in fashion seeing what everyone is doing. We're trying to do our part.

SL: You're staging one in New York and one in London, how is that going?
NC: Great -- there are two separate teams. It's going really well. We have so many people that just want to do it. People that want to walk that have nothing to do with fashion. It's fantastic. I'm a positive person, I'm optimistic, I'm just hoping we make as much as we can. We'll be auctioning off looks [worn by the celebs on the runway] on February 15th on

SL: It seems that people have reacted quickly to this particular tragedy.
NC: This country has suffered so much. They have nothing anyway and now what? Tragedy upon another tragedy. And so here we are. Designers have been amazing. Of all the American designers, nobody has said no. I know this a time for them when they are organizing their own fashion shows for fall/winter 2010. They're busy and they're taking the time out of their schedules to be able to look and pick what they want to give and contribute. We are very, very grateful.

SL: Any hints as to who will be walking in the New York show?
NC: I think it's nice to have an element of surprise so that you just don't know and will not believe who walks out onto the runway. We don't usually don't have that kind of audience for shows. It's great having the public because it's really like the show back in the day when I did it. It's a lot of fun. The ambiance backstage is fantastic because no one is forced to be there. They are all there because they want to be.

SL: So, how many looks?
NC: That's a Rachel Zoe question because Rachel is our stylist. I have to just say that when we originally went to IMG, even though I am an IMG model, the tent was already booked for a show for the designer Charlotte Ronson. And she has kindly given up her time and space so we could do the show. We needed the bigger tent and because of her we have it.

SL: Are you going to take in any other shows while you're here?

NC: If I can. After we have the London show, so I have to get back. But as long as I'm in in New York, whatever I can see...I can't say no to any designer because everyone has been so amazing to us. So if I can be there, I'll be there. And if I'm invited too!

SL: I don't think you'll have trouble securing invites Naomi, do you?

NC: Well, I understand that designers have to put buyers and editors - who help them sell their stuff - first and foremost. If they have a seat, great but if not I'm fine. I want them to be able to do their business first and foremost for them.

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