Don't be afraid to paint your face: We get tips and tricks from a pro. Photo: Elizabeth Lippman

Are you a rabid Indianapolis Colts fan, or a devout New Orleans Saints fan? Well, then you can't just show up to your Superbowl parties -- gasp -- plain-faced.

If you do, your team will lose.

(Editor's Note: As a Red Sox fan with residual, pre-2004 superstition, I now bestow my crazy upon you.)

Cheer your team to victory and let your true colors shine through -- literally -- with these fabulous face painting ideas from Keri Blair, a senior makeup artist on the M.A.C Pro Team. An enthusiastic Colts fan herself (she showed up to our shoot with a signed Peyton Manning jersey), Blair created a look inspired by the Indianapolis Colts and (surprisingly ungrudgingly) the New Orleans Saints.

Since some fans want to go all out, while others may want to remain, err, cute, Blair created different options for each team. If you're not feeling the face painting, simply create the signature smoky eye -- blue and silver for the Colts; gold and black for the Saints -- on both eyes and gaze your way to victory.

To take it take it up a notch, Blair offers ideas on how you can paint your face like a pro in the comfort of your own bathroom, with the help of household staples like Scotch tape, wax paper, and Vaseline. I suspect she's done this before.

So don't let your shirtless male cohorts hog the face paint for their moobs. Follow our step-by-step instructions, and put your face on the line.

First up, the Colts!

Now, Saints fans, it's your turn!