The soon-to-be-infamous PajamaJeans. Photo courtesy of PajamaGrams

Move over Snuggie, there's a new loungewear product in town and it doesn't resemble a blanket.

Say hello to PajamaJeans -- a new addition to the "I didn't feel like getting dressed" family of "fashion," advertised as "the pajamas to live in, and the jeans to sleep in." Um, okay.

"We were noticing that people were wearing their pajamas on airplanes and in grocery stores. But a lot of people have mixed feelings about it because they think it's inappropriate and sloppy," Stacey Buonanno, merchandising manager for The PajamaGram Company, maker of the double duty "denim," explained to StyleList.

"We thought, why don't we develop something that you're comfortable hanging around the house in or even sleeping in, but it looks acceptable when you go out of the house?"

"A lot of people wear their workout clothes out. But we thought it would be easy to take a pair of jeans, style them similar to a yoga pant, give them all the jean detailing, but make them stretchy and soft so that you wouldn't mind wearing them to bed," she told us.

Adding that, "The cool thing about the fabric is that the outside looks like a typical twill but it definitely has more of a jersey feel. And the inside is really, really brushed, so it almost feels like the inside of sweatpants or fleece."

"We thought it was perfect for the woman Oprah calls a 'shlumpadinka' to kick it up a notch. She can still be casual and comfortable, but she can look like she's snazzy and stylish," Buonanno said.

While we dare you to watch the PajamaJeans commercial (below) without cracking up (a breathy voice touts: "PajamaJeans have all the detailing of your favorite jeans -- high contrast top stitching, back pocket design details, even brass rivets so they look like they were made by some European designer"), it looks like the creators are laughing all the way to the bank. The jeans sold out within a few days of the launch.

"[It] took us all pleasantly by surprise," John Gilbert, PajamaGram's president and CEO, said in a statement. "We knew we had a great product that would appeal to many women, but the speed with which they flew out the door was amazing. It feels great knowing we've created a product that can give women everything they want, and demand, in a favorite pair of jeans."

Honestly, despite the gimmicky name and concept, the jeans themselves don't look so bad (although we're wondering how those rivets feel when you're taking a nap). We'd definitely say the dark wash and slim-fit puts them a couple notches above the out-dated mom jeans favored by President Obama and Steve Jobs.

However, with the proliferation of Snuggies, Snuggle Suits, Toasties, jeggings and, now, PajamaJeans (which are only $40 a pop and have "additional designs in the works" for later this year, including new washes and a potential maternity style), we're sort of scared about an impending comfort-only fashion revolt.

We just pray that Alexander McQueen and Nicolas Ghesquière will keep fighting the good fight on our behalf -- and maybe come out with some $40 items of their own to help aid the pro-fashion side of the battle.

Did you snap up a pair of PajamaJeans yet? Will you?