Agent Provocatuer Jewelry slave for you double ring

Agent Provocateur's Slave For You Double Ring, $300. Photo:

Still working on that Valentine's Day gift registry for your significant other? We've got one last-minute addition.

While your better half is stocking up on frilly panties, silky chemises and racy garters at Agent Provocateur, have him swing by and pick up the lingerie label's newly launched jewelry collection.

That's right -- the British brand is putting its sexy stamp on a new line of baubles created by designer Katie Rowland, who is known for her high-end knuckledusters..

The collection includes three ranges inspired by "the dark and twisted fantasy of fairy tales, the seduction of the concubines and the frivolity of the playground," reports Elle UK.

The Slave for You line features a double ring (seen above) and bracelet/ring combo connected by chains, while Dark Fairytale includes delicate gold bands and long dangling ear threads, and New World Order stars warrior princess-chic pendants.

Priced from $130 to $700, the boudoir bling is perfect for those girls who feel naked without their jewelry... especially when they are naked.

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