Nancy O'Dell has signed on as spokesperson with Rusk and BaByliss Pro. Courtesy Photo

'Lights, Camera, Access!' may be a thing of the past for former Access Hollywood host Nancy O'Dell, but the celebrity correspondent is digging her red carpet-ready heels into a new project: Beauty spokesperson.

The author and mother-of-three has teamed up with professional hair care line Rusk and BaByliss Pro, to represent the salon-friendly brand in a series of print (and possibly TV) ads beginning this summer. The agreement is part of a two-year deal, and a natural extension for the Emmy-award winning journalist, who is known as much for her meticulous blond hair as her red carpet reporting.

"I have been using their W8less Hair Spray forever. I started using it even before Access Hollywood, I think," said O'Dell in a phone interview from Miami, where she co-hosted the Pepsi Super Bowl Fan Jam concert yesterday to celebrate Super Bowl XLIV.

And if there's one thing the impeccably-groomed broadcast veteran knows, it's how to look good-both on and off the camera.

"The one thing I have learned on the red carpet is that you can have the most gorgeous gown but if the hair isn't right, it throws the whole thing off-more so than the dress," said O'Dell, whose premature departure from Access Hollywood last month has been fueling rumors as to what her next big project is.

For now O'Dell is staying mum, telling StyleList only that she's "not leaving TV, not leaving the red carpet, and definitely not done with celebrity reporting."

The showbiz veteran and mom-on-the-go wasn't so shy, however, about some of her tried-and-true beauty tips.

"I have been using their W8less Hair Spray forever. I started using it even before Access Hollywood, I think," said O'Dell. She'll also be the face for BaByliss Pro tools, pictured right. Courtesy Photo

"My beauty regimen includes working out – if I don't have time to do it with a personal trainer, I love the Sports Active program on the Wii, which I can do while spending time with my baby girl" she told StyleList.

Also on her beauty must-have list: Rusk's new Argan oil-infused Deepshine Oil treatment. O'Dell swears by it to extend the time between coloring, telling StyleList that it helps seal the cuticle and prevents fading.

As for her glowing skin and ever-slim figure? Homemade vegetable soup. "It's low calorie and you feel really full," said O'Dell, who shared her quick-fix recipe with us. "You take all of your vegetables-carrots cauliflower, whatever you like-put it on stove and boils it until vegetables become soft. Then you puree it and blend three garlics and two whole onions. I eat this two times a day as a snack."

O'Dell will begin shooting Rusk's campaign in the next two months. The ads are scheduled to appear in Cosmopolitan and other glossies this summer.