Pink performance grammys 2010 nude unitard hanging upside down wet glitter in the air

Pink shows off her sheer strength and unitard. Photo: Robyn Beck, AFP/Getty Images

Just days after her sensational wet and wild performance at the 2010 Grammys, singer Pink appeared on "Oprah's" live Friday show and dished on the high flying antics that brought the star-studded house down.

The superstar singer told Oprah that she was wearing Cher's favorite designer, Bob Mackie, when she took to the Grammy stage in the silk hooded robe.

then stripped down to a barely-there nude body stocking and sang one of her personal favorites, "Glitter in the Air," while twirling in "her silks" (Pink's term for the aerial cables).

The acrobatic Grammys act, which ended with Pink deliberately drenched in water, earned her a rousing standing ovation and Oprah's eternal awe.

"I had to go closer to the television to make sure you really were singing," the talk show host told her guest. "I thought it was a transcendent performance."

What was the best part of the night for the sweet-faced style rebel who seemed blasé about her own celebrity? "It was fun getting all the famous people wet," Pink said. "It was a good night."

She also confessed to Oprah that it is important for her audience to know that she is not lip-syncing when she takes to the air, purposely breathing heavily into the mic, "so people know I'm not faking."

It was hard to tell if Pink, who was wearing her hair slicked up and back with a prominent black flower accessory, still had gray-tipped strands, a look that got her a ton of red carpet attention on Grammy night.

The singer walked onto Oprah's stage dressed mostly in black with a bold embellished choker which screamed rock royalty.

As for the magnificent shape she revealed in her body-baring Grammys costume, Pink explained that she is fit from touring to promote her hit-filled "Funhouse" CD.

Then Pink sheepishly confessed that she also was a gymnast for eight years, runs for 70 minutes at a time, does lots of yoga (an hour or more) and is a huge fan of P90X -- a video-based fitness system that whips her into shape.

And no offense to the stars of the fitness series, but Pink told Oprah, "I do it with the guy on mute." To quote one of Pink's songs, "So What?" We'd do it blindfolded to have that body.

When Oprah fussed over Pink's taut abs, the singer insisted she gets pudgy when not touring and claimed that she is already sporting a spare "bagel" since the Grammys. Nice try!

Check out Pink's performance below:

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