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Chanel Iman is one model citizen. Photo: Astrid Stawiarz, Getty Images

Model Chanel Iman is serving as a judge for the Teen Vogue and L.e.i. Model Citizen contest -- a nationwide model search for the girl (age 15-21) who best embodies the L.e.i: Life, Energy, Intelligence motto.

The winner will walk away with a $100,000 college scholarship, a spot in L.e.i.'s national Fall 2010 ad campaign and a Teen Vogue internship.

Iman took time out of her busy pre-Fashion Week schedule to answer questions during a one-hour live stream on Facebook for the competition, but not before StyleList caught up with the beauty to find out about her first Victoria's Secret runway experience, favorite cut of jeans and Valentine's Day plans.

StyleList: What enticed you to be a judge for the Teen Vogue and L.e.i. Model Citizen Contest?
Chanel Iman: Teen Vogue is a part of it, and it is my way to give back, not only to Teen Vogue, but to teen girls. It's a way that I can give back to the girls that are coming into the industry... It's great to give advice on what I think about fashion and help them along the way.

SL: What are you looking for in the girls?
CI: A young lady who is very confident and believes in herself, and if we see that she believes in herself than we can start to believe in her, because you have to believe in yourself before others can believe in you.

SL: Since L.e.i. is a denim brand, do you have a favorite cut of jeans?
CI: Right now, everyone is into skinny jeans; I like skinny jeans.

SL: You did your first turn in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show late last year; can you sum up what the experience has been like for you?
CI: Victoria's Secret has been an amazing experience and so much fun... they are a great company. They give you an opportunity to show your own personality and be yourself -- basically, that is what a model should be, herself.

SL: Speaking of underwear, do you have a favorite style?
CI: I like a lot of the PINK stuff from Victoria's Secret. I wear a lot of the sweatpants and hoodies, but I also like the boy briefs, and I like the Sexy Little Things line as well.

SL: Any beauty tips, Fashion Week and beyond?
CI: Clean skin. There is so much makeup at Fashion Week, so I'm always taking my makeup off; I think if you keep super clean skin, nice eyebrows and conditioned lips then everything will look nice. I like natural beauty.

SL: What are your V-Day plans? Or will you be in a show at Fashion Week?
CI: I think I will probably be walking in a show, unfortunately. ["She will be surprised," Chanel's boyfriend, Chris, chimes in.]

SL: Today you'll be fielding some questions and compliments via the Facebook live stream; what types of social media do you use?
CI: I use Twitter [@itsmechaneliman], but I have been so busy and I feel bad because I haven't been able to reach out to my followers, and this [the Facebook stream] is actually great for me because I can reach out to them again!

Get the details on L.e.i's Model Citizen search in the below video.

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