Kate Moss Calvin Klein

Kate Moss and Calvin Klein in 1995. Photo: WireImage

First, Donatella Versace dished on behind-the-scenes catfighting among the legendary supers. Now, Calvin Klein is spilling on a certain mega-model's bad behavior.

Klein spoke out on the legendary '90s Kate Moss and Mark Wahlberg campaign and had less than kind words for the waifish supermodel.

"It didn't go too well. She didn't like him at all. He was a pleasure. I have worked with so many women, great ones, and Kate was always difficult," the designer told Telegraph UK.

While Klein does admit that Kate is a "great model" how much trouble is too much when it comes to bad behavior?

Naomi Campbell is notorious for her outbursts. The supermodel's former agent, John Casablancas, once told Complex magazine, "Naomi has a really nasty side, because of her temperament, her lifestyle and her history. I like her a lot, but I would not work with her again for all the gold on earth.

"She was abusive with her booking staff and it was unbearable. Naomi is a 'bad girl,' but she is also a very, very good person. She must learn how to manage her anger. When she loses it and beats up her nannies or secretaries it causes her trouble."

In Linda Evangelista's case, it wasn't so much bad behavior, but getting her onset that proved to be the issue. "We don't wake up for less than $10,000 a day," she infamously told Vogue's Jonathan Van Meter.

So while Donatella complains that models today need more ego, we're betting fashion insiders are done with the unnecessary drama. Just take a look at up-and-comer Karlie Kloss, who landed the Hermés, Oscar de la Renta and Dior campaigns.

The 17-year-old is reportedly a dream to work with. "She's disciplined and has danceability, repetition and gorgeous legs. And she's happy to hang up her clothes after each picture," famed photographer Arthur Elgort raves.

On the other hand, if a little drama means more personality, then Love magazine's latest issue is chock full of it.