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Actress Jennie Garth wears red for a cause clsoe to her heart. Photo

For being called the "Queen of Heart," actress Jennie Garth certainly isn't getting the full-on romantic treatment on Valentine's Day.

"It's going to be a really romantic day," Garth told StyleList in a deadpan tone. "My husband [actor Peter Facinelli] is going to be on the soccer field in the morning, getting an honorary bachelor's degree from the New York Film Institute in the afternoon and then going back on the soccer field. Valentine's Day will fall in somewhere."

Garth earned her title by being the Go Red For Women campaign spokesperson advocating good heart health through the American Heart Association. She was at Macy's Herald Square kicking off the campaign on Friday in front of several hundred women donning red in celebration of "Wear Red Day."

Garth admitted she was "going red" for her father who suffered from heart disease, for her family and her daughters. "I want to help raise awareness for women," she said, and did so by wearing Macy's special "Little Red Dress" (which will raise money for the cause through its sales), though getting dressed up is a rarity in her life.

"My everyday life is kind of a fashion mistake. I don't dress to impress when I'm taking my kids to school and just living my normal life," she explained. "When I go to work or on a red carpet for something, I never step out of the house unless I feel I'm completely, 100 percent handled. And by handled, I mean by a village of people."

Garth's favorite designers for special occasions are David Meister, Diane von Furstenberg and the revamped Ann Taylor, which she consistently referred to as "Ann Klein," until she was questioned by this reporter.

"When I was in the store I kept saying 'Anne Klein' and the salespeople were following me around saying 'Ann Taylor, Ann Taylor,'" she recounted. "They have the greatest little shift dresses and suits. I wore two of their suits yesterday."

Guess the clothing fit even if the name didn't.

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