Lady Gaga Monster Ball Skeleton Costume

Lady Gaga in the body of work now on the auction block. Photo: Splash News

Legions of fans want a piece of the fame monster that is Lady Gaga.

Now, those who can afford it can have her in the flesh and blood (okay, not exactly), but you can bid on a body of work worn by the over-the-top performer during her "Monster Ball" tour.

The online auction site,, just announced that bidding has begun on the embellished skeleton bustier created for Lady Gaga by designer Gary Card; the avant guard garb is even signed in purple by the eccentric artist herself.

We have to confess we're glad no one is bidding on the blood-stained getup she wore to last year's VMAs.

Lady Gaga Monster Ball Skeleton Costume

This bony bustier could be yours. Photo courtesy of CharityBuzz.

Proceeds from the auction will benefit Oxfam International through the CharityBuzz Heal Haiti Auction.

Bidding, which will continue for the next two weeks, has already reached $5,000.

That's probably more than enough to commission your own bedazzled skeleton bustier, but this is about charity and Lady Gaga and her signature. And maybe a microscopic swab of her DNA or a lock of her hair, if you are the lucky high bidder.

A spokeswoman for CharityBuzz told StyleList that the costume was secured for the Oxfam International by celebrity photographer Matt Jones, who has been reaching out to former subjects and celebrity contacts on behalf of the charity, which seeks to eradicate poverty and world hunger.

It's the second time in recent weeks we've heard of Lady Gaga doing her part to help earthquake victims in Haiti.

Read about Gaga's recent live appearance on Oprah, where she pledged proceeds from a tour date to support Haiti earthquake relief.