Victoria's Secret Marisa Miller Tom Arnold football

We see London, we see France... wait a minute! Marisa Miller appears to have gone sans skivvies for a celeb football game. Photo: Christopher Polk, Getty Images

Pants on the ground, pants on the ground, looking like a fool with your pants on the ground!

Isn't that right, Marisa Miller?

The Victoria's Secret model shared a big secret -- she's not wearing any undies -- when actor Tom Arnold "accidentally" pulled down her black workout pants while tackling her in a celebrity flag football game over Super Bowl weekend, the Daily Mail reports.

Apparently, Miller doesn't get as big of a discount on Victoria's Secret knickers as we imagined, since the wardrobe malfunction revealed a full moon, according to the paper.

The stars were reportedly playing in DIRECTV's Fourth Annual Celebrity Beach Bowl in Miami when the pantsing occurred.

We'd expect nothing less from Tom Arnold -- c'mon, the guy was married to a woman who grabbed her crotch while singing the National Anthem -- but Marisa should realize that going commando isn't such a hot idea when you get paid to make underwear look good.

Unless, those rumors of her leaving Victoria's Secret are true after all!? The plot thickens.

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