douglas smith leighton meester

Douglas Smith and Leighton Meester have a moment. Photo: Patrick McMullan

He's an unlikely fashionista, but "Big Love's" Douglas Smith has a place for fashion in his heart.

"I fully support any kind of escape -- fashion, film, television, music," he told StyleList. "Anyone who is doing anything for the right reasons is cool.

The actor joined the fray to celebrate Nathalie Rykiel's newest collection of knit pieces for H&M at the restaurant Bobo in New York City's West Village.

Also on hand was actress Kelly Rutherford, singer Michelle Williams and "Gossip Girl" star Leighton Meester. "I'm hanging with Leighton – we've known each other since we were 16 and we've done two movies together," Smith explained.

HIs character, Ben, on "Big Love" has taken a pivotal place in the plot this season, which amounts to more screen time, and a higher level of recognition for him, on-screen and off.

"It's annoying when I go to get a burrito or a dosa or something and I hear 'Douglas Smith -- hey!,'" he shared. Though he felt good about being recognized at the Empire State Building earlier in the day.

"I met a couple that are shipping out to Iraq next week for a year. They wanted to know what happened with my character and I told them." Adding, "They're dealing with such serious stuff. I thought it was really beautiful to be a part of their escape."

kelly rutherford nathalie rykiel michelle williams

Triple threat: actress Kelly Rutherford, designer Nathalie Rykiel and singer Michelle Williams. Photo courtesy of H&Mê

In the meantime, we can't wait for Rykiel's pieces to hit H&M on Feb. 20.