In StyleList's 3 Bloggers, 1 Product column, top beauty bloggers sound off on a hot new item.

Neil George Refresh Dry Shampoo. Courtesy Photo

There are a lot of reasons to heart dry shampoos.

They boost volume, give texture to limp locks, extend blowouts, and serve as fab pinch hitters when the snooze button holds more appeal than an actual shower.

Neil George's new Refresh Dry Shampoo ($18) ups the ante with a formula made from Jaborandi plant leaves and the herb Gotu Kola to stimulate hair follicles, plus Cherimoya fruit to boost blood flow and circulation. This means not just skipping a shower, but getting a healthier head of hair over time.

But does it work? We asked 3 beauty bloggers to rate and review.

Karen from says: "Nothing will ruin your day faster than a huge burst of unwanted dry shampoo all over your black BCBG suit before a big interview (a scenario I know all too well). Chances are I won't have to worry about this happening with Refresh, because the spray's so easy to control. The mist shoots out with a good amount of force, and it always lands up exactly I want it.

I have dark hair, and sometimes dry shampoos leave a white residue on my roots. Refresh's light tint blends seamlessly into the color without leaving a chalky tint. And: I loved the scent of this dry shampoo. It smells tropical, like pineapple and coconuts.

However, I'm not crazy about the price. While the $18 price tag is cheaper than Naturia, it's still kind of expensive."

Shannon from says: "Refresh's small, lightweight bottle means I can easily bring it along for travel. And it works: It instantly wiped out greasy residue in my hair and breathed new life into it. (This is most important to me because of my bangs!). It also smells so good! It's not heavily perfumed, but does make your hair smell clean.

It made my hair a little static-y, but that was easily fixable with a dryer sheet--no joke! And the scent only lasted a short duration; I definitely wished the fragrance would've lasted a lot longer."

Arianne from says: "Refresh was great at sopping up a day's worth of oils to keep my 'do looking fresh. It didn't weigh down my hair down, either; in fact, it gave me a little volume boost. It's also weightless, which is an essential for someone with fine, limp hair.

It smells a little bit sweet, kind of like caramel. I prefer a fresh, "out of the shower" scent for a dry shampoo. And, it's not suitable for dark hair. It left my roots an ashy brown gray."