Get silky smooth armpits. Photo: Getty Images

No doubt, underarm hair stinks. Unless you've committed to a life of going native, you have to deal with the weekly -- if not daily -- task of defuzzing. To make this task a bit easier for you, we've consulted with the top underarm experts, and we have a few pit tips when shaving:

1. Soften hair in a warm bath or shower for several minutes before shaving for easier removal. You can use this time to shampoo or cleanse other parts of your body first.

2. Instead of soap, try a shaving cream or gel to get a closer, smoother shave without leaving nicks or those annoying red bumps behind. As a bonus, pick one that moisturizes and smells great too.

3. If you are using a disposable razor, shave with short, controlled strokes from several directions.

4. If you prefer an electric razor, choose a model that can be used with shaving creams or lotions or one that has a built-in moisturizer.

5. Keep your arm firmly raised when shaving so the skin is pulled tight. This helps to raise the hair for a closer shave.

6. Rinse the razor blade frequently during your shower for a closer shave. This will also prevent clogging pores with dirt and debris that can cause painful ingrown hairs -- and no one wants those!

7. Do not apply deodorant immediately after shaving because harsh perfumes and chemicals can sting and irritate your skin. Instead, try baby powder or formulas designed for sensitive skin.

Some women prefer not to shave because it is too painful or irritating to their skin. Waxing is one alternative, albeit a painful one. You can also try a depilatory cream, like Nair, that dissolves the hair. Always test products like this on a smaller part of your arm or leg first to see if any of the chemicals irritate your skin. As a final option for those who want to be done with armpit hair once and for all, laser treatments can serve as permanent solution.

Now that you have fuzz-free underarms, read about more ways to love those beautiful pits!