Michelle Phan is getting the last laugh.

Three years ago, the now 22 year-old art student was turned down for a job working behind the counter at a department store for Lancôme.

But today, the YouTube star - who is known for her creative video makeup tutorials that garner views by the million - announced that Lancôme came knocking on her door, and has signed Phan to be their video makeup artist; the first contract of its kind for a YouTuber.

We're going to guess Phan will be making a bit more than she would have with that original counter job.

As a part of the relationship, Phan will create one video a month highlighting a new look with her favorite Lancôme products. The contract doesn't preclude her from dreaming up her regular videos with other brands while on her own time.

With her trademark style blending music with makeup and more theatrical editing than her YouTube counterparts, we were surprised to learn she does it all herself, right from her Florida bedroom home.

And if you're a Phan fan, look out for our exclusive interview with the star - coming straight from New York's Fashion Week next Monday, where the makeup maven will wield her beauty brush amidst the backstage fashion mayhem!

What's doin' at Fashion Week so far? Pink lips and ballerina buns!