Marc Jacobs, Ed hardy quilted totes

"Tate" bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Tote collection (left), Ed Hardy Koi "Jana" Tote (right).
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In the latest round of courtroom drama, two fashion titans are butting heads in a battle of the quilted handbags.

Marc Jacobs has filed suit against Christian Audigier's company Nervous Tattoo Inc. for trademark infringement, reports intellectual property law firm Milford & Associates.

Nervous Tattoo is the parent company of Audigier's tattoo-happy Ed Hardy line. According to the complaint filed in the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, Jacobs alleges that Ed Hardy knocked off his Marc by Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Tote collection.

The MJ tote features a scrambled, quilted logo, a simple bucket shape and tied handles (above left).

Or in legalese: Jacobs' lawyers claim Ed Hardy's "Jana" line of quilted totes -- which feature tattoo graphics (naturally), as well as the designer/brand's name in Jacobs-like stitching -- "unlawfully copies or imitates Plaintiffs' unique, distinctive, and non-functional Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Tote Trade Dress and/or that unlawfully bear marks confusingly similar to the Marc Jacobs Scrambled Trademark."

At first look, the bags do appear strikingly similar, but are a couple of splashy koi enough to get Audigier off the, er, (fish) hook?

We'll have to wait until the court sorts it out, but don't think for a second that Marc Jacobs has let this get in the way of planning his upcoming fashion show.