Bethenny's right thigh reveals something resembling Spanx. Photo: Timothy A. Clary, AFP/Getty Images

I was so excited to see one of my favorite "The Real Housewives of New York City," Bethenny Frankel, walking down the runway at the Red Dress Collection fashion show.

Frankel looked stunning in her Isabella Oliver dress, and with a little extra hair (thanks to some clip-in extensions), and makeup by the capable Bobbi Brown team, the Skinny Girl guru could have passed as a model, pregnant or not.

But as Frankel took the runway, prancing in slow-deliberate (though sadly offbeat) steps to "Baby Love" on the sound system, her dress began to ride up, revealing -- gasp! --is that Spanx?

When Frankel turned around to walk back to the start of the runway, a giant monitor at the stage opening displayed her rear view for all to see (including Frankel, who immediately shimmied down playfully to adjust her dress).

The StyleList staffers were left scratching our heads all night wondering why Frankel (who had one of the best bodies of the night) thought she needed Spanx! That is, until I talked about the incident with celebrity stylist Robert Verdi today.

"That wasn't her Spanx!" Robert told me. Frankel, who was doing video interviews before and after the show, had to be mic'd for sound: "A lot of times they put this ace bandage thing around your leg, and then they put the mic pack on the inside," Verdi explained. "That's how I knew what that was. At the end, the mic fell off!"

I guess I missed that part, but it's not my fault -- I was sitting three seats away from Reggie Bush, who adorably videotaped girlfriend Kim Kardashian's catwalk on his iPhone. "Reggie Bush is cute," Verdi agreed. When I told him I posed for a picture with the Saints player after the show, Verdi joked, "Get in line!"