Philip Pelusi Tela Beauty Organics

Philip Pelusi gives StyleList a rundown of what hairstyles we can expect to see this fall. Photo: Courtesy of Tela Beauty Organics

Long, side plaits, ballerina-esque buns, and colossal chignons made a comeback on the Spring 2010 runways - invoking a refreshingly, youthful tress trend.

And a few of these classic hairstyles are popping up again on the Fall 2010 runways - but remixed!

StyleList recently attended an editors event at the Tela Design Studio to hear hair innovator, Philip Pelusi, the brains behind Tela Beauty Organics (now available at Nordstrom), dish on the evolution of hairstyles from season to season, and observe Jeffrey Reitz, creative director at Tela, perform step-by-step hair tutorials.

"Fall hair is about enhancing the basic fabric of hair," said Pelusi. "Hair stylists are coming down from less of the curling iron, less brushing and getting hair to dry naturally on its own. It's about combination texture."

Pelusi breaks the season down into three style categories that are all about embracing your texture, embracing your height and embracing slick: the Robert Palmer slickback, geisha topknot, and natural waves.

Read on for simple tips straight from the pros on how to translate these runway hairstyles into looks you can do right at home.
Balenciaga Marc Jacobs Rachel Roy Spring 2010

Pelusi forecasts that fall hair will mimic spring styles like the sleek strands at Balenciaga, ballerina bun at Marc Jacobs, and loose waves at Rachel Roy, but have much more texture. Photos: Getty Images and Jennifer Graylock/

The Robert Palmer Slickback
Simply slick back hair (wet or dry) with Tela Hair Gloss, using a nickel size amount of the product and working through with fingers. Finish by brushing into a sleek mold.

The Geisha TopKnot
Prep hair with Tela Dri Shampoo and generously apply Composer, working product throughout. Divide hair in a middle part -- from front of the head all the way to the nape of neck, separating into two parts (like pigtails). Gather one side, spiral twist upwards and secure. Repeat on other side, twisting until both sections meet. Place both ends into a topknot in center and secure with roller pins. For a daytime appropriate look, place topknot lower.

The Textured Waves
"Wake up strands" with Tela Dri Shampoo -- tts light formula with natural ingredients like lavender refreshes and eliminates odor, as well as, prevents sun damage, says Pelusi. Then apply Beach Hair to create a beachy feel without the dryness. Finish look by creating a side part for glamour and smoothing on Composer for extra polish and separation.

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