The queen of fabulosity herself. Photo: Handout, Getty Images

Kimora Lee Simmons is a busy woman. The queen of "fabulosity" (yes, we're pretty sure she invented the word) is a designer, wife, mogul, and mom. And yet, she also finds the time to be charitable! On February 11th, the former model will return to the catwalk for The Red Dress Collection fashion show. Find out, in her own words, why Kimora wanted to support the event (which raises awareness for women's Heart Disease), and get the scoop on what else she's been up to:

StyleList: What made you want to walk in the Red Dress Collection show?

Kimora Lee Simmons: I think it's an exciting and unique idea to bring awareness to heart disease, which is the #1 killer of young women. It's very important for people to come together to support this cause, and also to have the fun of such a great event.

SL: Any hint at what you'll be wearing on the runway on the 11th?

KLS: I'm going to be wearing a dress from my new Kouture by Kimora collection. It's launching exclusively at Macy's around the beginning of March. It's a very sexy, playful, fun line -- and it's very inexpensive. A great little cocktail dress is 35 bucks, just to give you an idea of the price point. I'm wearing a little red strapless number -- of course I embellished it. It has a little shimmer and shine to it for that extra little hint of fabulosity. A version of that exact dress will be available in June as part of the Kouture by Kimora line, with a portion of the proceeds going back to The Red Dress Project.

SL: Do you typically wear a lot of red?

KLS: I do wear a lot of read, and I believe very strongly in the power of color itself. And it's fun to have color -- we always play around with it with Baby Phat, and also the new line I'm launching. We always like to be bold and exciting.

SL: After three kids, is it nerve-wracking to be hitting the catwalk again?

KLS: Oh my gosh, I'm so nervous...I can't believe it! A lot of people have asked me lately, 'how did you get your body back,' and I'm thinking, 'I don't have my body back -- I'm just doing the best I can!' I've always been the type of woman to embrace my curves. We're not all a picture perfect size 2. I'm all about loving what you have and being healthy, which is the message behind the Red Dress Project. [Heart Disease] is extremely preventable on many fronts, by eating right and exercising and not smoking and maintaining a healthy weight -- which doesn't mean you'll be a size 2!

SL: Do you live a very healthy lifestyle?

KLS: I do very well on most of the fronts -- I'm obviously very physically active. I have that whole mogul routine -- that's my exercise: running around all over the place. But I do try to work out in the gym with a trainer. Obviously having had a baby I'm very conscious of my weight, so I try to eat right. It's hard to do when you're stressed and busy working and living life, but it's very necessary.

SL: Do you teach your girls about eating healthy?

KLS: I'm showing them about good carbs, like quinoa and brown rice, as opposed to cupcakes. And a great bowl of oatmeal will start the day as opposed to white toast. I like them to be very aware of their bodies and their own health -- I think that's very important and a lot of time young kids don't really know about their health as much as they should.

SL: Quinoa? Come on. You must cheat sometimes...

KLS: I do have vices, like I got a big bag of Doritos last week -- I don't think that's on the heart healthy list, but I have been a little stressed at work. My vices are a little junk food here and there, and I definitely have a sweet tooth.

SL: Any Valentine's Day plans for this weekend?

KLS: Hanging out with my hubby. He's gearing up to do several movies overseas... so we just kind of want to enjoy our Valentine's Day and share a glass of wine (which could also help in lowering heart disease in moderation, Kimora points out). We're in a very happy place, we're very happy with our family. Valentine's Day will probably be with the kids and Valentine's Day night will probably be for ourselves, unless have a screaming 8 month old. We'll just have to see...

SL: You'll be done with the runway by Valentine's Day -- will you celebrate with some chocolate?

KLS: Absolutely! I don't know what a Valentine's Day would be without a little chocolate!