Madonna and Lady Gaga are twins. Photo: Landov | Courtesy of MAC

When MAC announced Lady Gaga and Cindy Lauper as their newest spokeswomen for Viva Glam, we weren't surprised. After all, both blonde-haired talented songstresses have both the looks and the personality to back up the iconic brand.

But something caught our eye when saw the publicity photos from the event.

We took a closer look at Lady Gaga in her champagne satin Marc Jacobs bustier, her blonde hair curled and coiffed at chin level, we got a sense of...déja vu.

Specifically, a vision of Madonna working her gold Jean Paul Gaultier bustier on stage during her infamous Blonde Ambition tour.

Could such an obviously inspired look actually be an accident, or was Gaga paying a deliberate homage to Madonna?

We'll be sure to ask next time we see Lady G, but in the meantime, there is one clue:

When it comes down to Gaga's favorite shade in the Viva Glam line, Women's Wear Daily reports that Lady Gaga is "head over heels for Russian Red," which, coincidentally is "the matte tomato red perhaps best known for being Madonna's favorite shade in the Eighties."

Looks like an all-out public worship to me.