maggie rizer blonde hair red hair

Maggie Rizer, blonde and red.
Photos: Joe Kohen, | Andrew H. Walker, Getty Images

There's a lot of buzz right now about Maggie Rizer, a naturally blonde supermodel who was known for her (not so natural) red shade in the '90s. After a long stint as a blonde, Rizer recently went back to the bolder hue of her heydey, and an anonymous source told the New York Post it was due to pressure from Anna Wintour. Apparently, the fashion magnate prefers Rizer as a redhead.

Whether it's true or not, I wouldn't be surprised if Rizer simply craved a change. When I spotted the supermodel front row at the BCBG show this morning, I decided to ask why, in her own words, she switched it up.

What made you want to go back to red? Do you like being blonde or red better?

Maggie Rizer:
I've gone back and forth so many times. My hair would probably really like it if I picked one. I like both. I think blonde is more of a reality and red is more playing make believe.

SL: Do you feel like the fashion world sees you as a redhead?

[Nods her head]. Yeah.

SL: So that red hair's a big part of your whole mystique as a model, then?

[Nods again]. Yeah.

Just then, Anna Wintour walked in to take her seat nearby, so I decided to change the subject. Slightly.

SL: How do you keep your hair from getting fried with all the dyeing?

I use a great conditioner. Kerastase has a great spray-in conditioner.

SL: What's the best freebie you've ever gotten?

I got a car once!

Um, how'd you get that?!

Just for going to something.

Pretty cool no? But just before I left, Rizer did manage to think of something even cooler:

MR: No, the best thing I've gotten for free is my dog probably.

What kind?

Golden retriever.