Michelle Williams smiles at BCBG. Photo: Getty Images

"Destiny's Child" alum Michelle Williams was one of the first celebs in line to catch the BCBG show this morning. I asked the star what she's been up to, and was surprised to find out that she's working right here in New York City:

Michelle Williams: Right now I am currently playing Roxie Hart in the Broadway musical "Chicago." [Williams replaces Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, who just ended her run in the same role]. My opening night was Monday. So 8 shows a week, that's pretty much my life until the end of March! I was doing "Chicago" on the West End [in London], so I'm happy that they asked me to come bring it closer to home.

StyleList: Are you into dancing? Did you take lessons as a child?

MW: I took dance but I was so scared to dance in front of people! When it came time to do the recitals I would chicken out and sell tickets or something. But you give me a mic and I can sing in front of millions!

So how is such a shy girl dealing with such a sexy, bold play (not to mention those costumes!)

MW: I love it. Doing "Chicago" has definitely made me learn more things about myself. I think it started when I did "The Color Purple" and I played Shug Avery. Shug was so sassy -- her yes was yes, her no was no, so I took that with me. And then playing "Chicago," I get to be silly Roxy, and manipulative, but at the same time that wardrobe is incredible.

SL: Talk to me about BCBG. Do you wear the brand a lot?
ED: I wear their clothes out, and I'm always in the store, probably more than I should! But I love BCBG and I love MAC [who provided the makeup services backstage for the show]. They've always been nice to me.

SL: Any beauty tips you can share with us?
ED: No matter how tired I am I always wash my makeup off. Even if I fall asleep I'll wake up and wash it off. And then for the winter time, moisturizer and eye cream. And SPF! Black women, we don't think we need it, but we need sunscreen so I thought I'd throw that one out there.