Reality fans are used to their favorite shows dressing up the drama to keep them tuning in.

So when we saw previews of "Project Runway's" Tim Gunn telling the cast that this week's challenge was "unprecedented," we did not hit pause. Frankly, it kind of reminded us of "The Bachelor" promising us "the most dramatic rose ceremony ever." We've tuned in. And tuned out.

Turns out maybe we should not have been quite so cynical.

Word comes from Lifetime, the "Project Runway" network, that tonight's design challenge muse is none other than Heidi Klum -- the show's enterprising host and judge.

The designers will be creating a look for Seal's other half to wear on the cover of April's Marie Claire, according to a Lifetime spokeswoman. That means judge Nina Garcia, who moonlights as Marie Claire's fashion director, will also have a vested interest in seeing the designers make it work. And we've also learned the magazine's editor-in-chief, Joanna Coles, will be in on the runway critiques.

Oh, how the plot thickens! That's more pressure than the potato sack challenge the contestants endured week two.

Once our interest was piqued, we started to wonder: Will Klum model all the looks herself or leave the heavy lifting to the regular runway models, who have their own spin-off show?

"We are sticking with the model format," the spokeswoman told StyleList.

While we would've enjoyed watching Heidi play quick change artist, PR fans now have other things to worry about.

Previews for this week's show, hint that something dramatic happens on the runway involving designer Anthony Williams, a fan favorite. He's shown cupping his face in his hand at the end of the runway, where designers learn whether they are "in" or "out."

Since Klum has already teased Williams about sending him packing for talking too much, we're hoping this is not some cruel edit room manipulation.

Heidi, please don't auf him yet!

Then again, the idea he might actually win this challenge is enough for us to set the DVR. We're suckers for a little behind-the-seams intrigue.

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