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INSPIRATION: Equestrian chic meets downtown cool.

TOP LOOKS: Fur-collared parka paired with high-waisted black shorts, matching blouse and fishnet tights; silk buckle-closure evening gown on top of a black turtleneck; three-quarter sleeve cocktail dress with lace underlay and filmy taupe-colored silk with cut-out detailing.

ACCESSORIES: Floppy hats, leather gloves, chunky necklaces, fishnet tights with black platform booties, brightly colored hair extensions.

WHO WAS THERE: The Like band performed!

WHAT WE THOUGHT: Cool, downtown girl designers Lisa Mayock and Sophie Buhai keep on cranking out ensembles that all the rest of the cool, downtown girls will go ga-ga for. Although this season was decidedly more grown-up (and dare we say, uptown), the two California transplants did a neat balancing act by pairing grand evening gowns with sweatshirts and turtlenecks and dressing up a pleated jumpsuit with a sweet, yet proper, collar. Their signature easy-to-wear cocktail frocks also went up a notch with touches of fur and lace.

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