model agyness deyn falling on runway fashion for relief show

The evolution of Agyness Deyn's two runway spills. Photos: Jennifer Mitchell, Splash News

Poor Agyness Deyn!

Tonight the British supermodel donated her usually superb modeling skills to Naomi Campbell's Fashion For Relief show, to benefit Haiti. However, things didn't go as smoothly as they could have.

On Deyn's first "trip" down the runway -- which she shared with celebs including Chris Brown, Kelly Osborne, Diane von Furstenberg, Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs' fiance, Lorenzo Martone, and Campbell herself -- the fashion chameleon (currently rocking a jet black bowl cut) tripped over her own two feet when she was about three-quarters down the catwalk.

While Deyn grinned with embarrassment, the several hundred-deep crowd cheered her on, as she got back up.

Then, much to the dismay of the audience and Deyn, she fell again a few steps later, finally resolving the issue by taking off her Burberry heels and walking the rest of the way barefoot.

A couple of hours after the show Deyn Tweeted: "1st show of fashion week! Took a tumble! Got up! Fell again. Should have stayed down the 1st time. Twice! WTF! Ouch my knees!"

We're sure event host and fellow Brit Naomi Campbell -- who took one of the most famous runway tumbles of all time at a Vivienne Westwood show in 1993 -- had nothing but kind words and empathy for Deyn backstage.

At least she took the fall(s) for a great cause!

Check out the Fashion for Relief runway show video.