While the fashion world is mourning the loss of one of its greatest, Alexander McQueen, we are comforted in knowing that his creative legacy will forever live on.

The youngest son of a taxi driver, McQueen grew up to push the boundaries of design, art and showmanship like few others.

From his first controversy-laden collection at Central Saint Martins -- which his future muse and champion Isabella Blow would buy in full -- to the Spring/Summer 1999 show which concluded with Shalom Harlow being pelted by paint-wielding robots, the designer was a style innovator and entertainer.

His countless fans will never forget the projection of an ethereal Kate Moss hologram at the Fall 2006 presentation, nor his last show, Spring/Summer 2010, in which he sent dozens of futuristic models in pod-like mini-dresses and insect-inspired shoes down the runway.

With mind-blowing hair and makeup, theatrical staging and, of course, the incomparable clothing itself -- StyleList takes a look back at some of McQueen's most captivating runway moments.