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MAKEUP: Tom Pecheux for M.A.C
HAIR: Orlando Pita for T3
NAILS: Jin Soon Choi for M.A.C
SNAPSHOT: Techno-romance

THE SCOOP: Doo.ri follows her own rules, and her team of hair and makeup masters, who have been working with her since the very beginning, are loathe to categorize her look. "She's not just one thing" says makeup artist Tom Pecheux. "At other shows we'll use terms like 80s, punk, romantic, etc, to describe the looks, but not Doo.ri. She takes a bit of everything into her collections."

"For the makeup, we pushed it up a bit," Pecheux said. "Last season, we did lips in very awkward colors and we're carrying that idea on here today." The pout her created was a old Hollywood, pencil-perfect red lip, awkward-ized by many layers of teal and iridescent glitter. "We are not cheap with the glitter at M.A.C," Pecheux quipped.

"Green blue is a color you'll see a lot of thise season," he added. "It's very Avatar." To go with the techno-glam eyes Pecheux left the face clean, with very "Belgian" look on the rest of the face -- light lashes and flesh tone eye makeup.

Hair stylist Orlando Pita took a little bit of Avatar to his hair style, which he spliced with fishtail braids that connected at the back of the head.

Jin Soon Choi painted nails with a not-yet-released shade of glittery, stony cement polish.

Lips were drawn with Lip Pencil in red and precisely filled in with Lipstick in red. Pro Glitter in Turquoise and Reflects Transparent Pink were pressed on top.

GET THE LOOK - HAIR: Pita used T3 Elevate Volumizing Spray and a flat iron to give the hair texture and volume, before pulling back the top half of the hair, weaving it into two fishtail braids -- on on each side -- and fastening the braids at the back of the head.