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INSPIRATION: "Irving Penn's photos and platinum prints reflected in textural and material opposition. Relaxed menswear a la Penn's personal style. PVC splattered paints alongside laser-cut lace. Veiled transparency; feathers caged beneath silk tulle."

WHO WAS THERE: Amanda Peet, Kerry Washington

TOP LOOK: Gray cashmere coat with speckled molten gold detail; black cashmere cap-sleeved coat with wool lapel, flowing polka dot collar blouse, quilted wool skirt; white tulle strapless feather dress

ACCESSORIES: Chic oversized sunglasses, chunky gold plated nature-inspired jewelry in the form of leaves and butterflies

WHAT WE THOUGHT: In keeping with the season's emerging trends, Wu presented a mixed bag of fabrications that put a fresh menswear-inspired twist on his historically very ladylike clothing. First came a selection of dazzling cashmere coats with metallic detailing made to look like the ink gelatin for which Penn was so famous. The coats continued in plaids and blush. Dresses were delivered in satin sheaths and ivory lace, but Wu also produced a set of frocks that bore a full-skirt caged silhouette. It seemed slightly out of place. Certianly too overdesigned for a certain First Lady's taste. No matter, the following offerings of tulle wrapped feathered strapless frocks were exquisite. But it's nice to know that the young designer is cutting a wide swath for his ever-growing group of customers.