Model after model and celeb after celeb strutted down the runway Friday night for the Relief for Haiti fashion show organized by Naomi Campbell and held at New York Fashion Week Fall 2010 to raise funds for earthquake victims in Haiti.

The show, long by normal standards, was a mash-up of all the best things of Fashion Week: Scowling models who strutted in beautiful gowns; happy models who performed little dance steps; designers who got to take well-deserved bows; and celebrities, of course.

On the runway from stage and screen: Chris Brown (a definite surprise choice), Alan Cumming, Kelly Osbourne and Estelle. From the design world: Diane Von Furstenberg and Donna Karan. From the royal word: Sarah Ferguson, Duthess of York. In their natural habitat: Helena Christensen and Maggie Rizer.

Of-the-moment model Agyness Deyn, in her first show of the season, provided the show's most dramatic moment when she slipped and fell in her enormous platform heels. Like a pro, she laughed, got up and curtsied. Only to fall again a few steps later. Off came the shoes to waves of applause from the sympathetic audience -- this event was about helping others, after all.

At the other end of the emotional spectrum, the show's top mannequins helped cap off the evening with a walk down the runway in pieces by Alexander McQueen, who stunned the fashion world by apparently committing suicide this week. Some wore darkly lush dresses, but one donned a golden mesh unitard with severe, confining shoes and flowing chiffon veil that obscured her face and hair -- a McQueen look if ever there was one.

He was, of course, not the only designer represented. Styled by Rachel Zoe, the show included clothes from everyone high and low it seemed: Dior, Lanvin, Converse, Burberry, Brooks Brothers, Calvin Klein, Uniqlo and dozens more -- clearly the entire fashion community wanted to get behind the cause.

And you can to. Check out the video below and visit CARE to donate.

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