Photo: Bryan Bedder, Getty Images

Miss Heidi Klum -- in a Gucci blue ikat printed cady harness detail dress -- was kind enough to spend a few moments with me after walking out of the "Project Runway" fashion show on Friday morning.

"People think we just see the show and go home, but actually this afternoon we're going to go to Parsons [School of Design] and decide who the winner is," she said. "It's a tough decision."

However, most of the young contestants whose work walked the runway today have already been kicked off the show.

"We had to show ten designers, otherwise people will know who got through to the final," she says. "So we had to show a lot of designers who had already gone, but the good thing is that they all get to show their work at Bryant Park."

Country superstar Faith Hill -- wearing a sculpted black jacket with cut-out star shoulder and narrow tuxedo trouser, both by Marchesa -- was the celebrity guest judge for the Runway finale, which will air on Lifetime in April.

Meanwhile, backstage: The buzz today was all about Marc Jacobs and his partner Lorenzo Martone. The couple routinely describe themselves as "husbands," although they have denied that they are married.

But in an upcoming magazine profile, whose advance publicity leaked on the Internet yesterday, Martone told an interviewer about their "wedding" in St. Barths over New Years.

"Marc Jacobs PR has received 300 calls about it since yesterday," an insider told me.

However, the truth is that Martone misspoke. The New Year's "wedding" was only a commitment ceremony, and he requested the magazine adjust his quote accordingly.

However, a close source tells me the couple is planning a wedding, later this year, in a jurisdiction that recognizes same-sex marriage.

Iowa, anyone?

And see who won't be at Marc Jacobs' fashion week show.