Kristen Stewart, Joan Jett and Dakota Fanning pose at the Sundance premiere of The Runaways. Photo: Getty Images

We're highly anticipating the upcoming movie The Runaways, which is the story of the kick-ass '70s teen-girl rock band The Runaways (duh).

Awesome songs? Check. Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett and Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie? Check, check. Rad feathered hair, mega eyeliner and glitter makeup? Check, check, check!

StyleList talked to Robin Mathews, head makeup artist on the film, about bringing the iconic looks to life.

StyleList: How stoked were you to work on this movie?

Mathews: It was a dream job! I did a ton of research -- we had over 5,000 reference photos from the time period and of the band, and concert footage. It's such an awesome time period. But the best research I could have ever asked for -- Joan Jett and Cherie Currie were there every day. They had never even seen many of these photos of themselves before. In earlier years Cherie had given away a lot of her memorabilia, so as a present I made copies of the photos of her and gave them to her at the wrap party.

StyleList: Cool! Real life rock icons giving makeup advice! And to use as models!

Mathews: It was so important to get the looks to be perfect so I actually sculpted Kristen and Dakota's features to look more like them. So I would have Joan stand next to Kristen to make sure it was perfect.

StyleList: So the makeup looks are all 100% '70s rock style?

Mathews: Each look is recreated from a Runaways photo or from concert footage. As a band they went through a glam-rock period with really heavy blush and super bright lips, but that was just for a little while. Mostly it was about the Runaway eyes.

StyleList: How did you authentically recreate the bold eye makeup looks?

Mathews: Heavy pigments and a lot of flash and glitter -- Make Up For Ever had the range I needed. The smoky eye can't have any harsh lines; it needs to be fluid. I used a pencil liner first and then I used a brush to smudge it out and really work it into the skin. Cherie was a chameleon with color choices -- gold, blue, silver smoky eyes. And Joan -- I won't she was the originator of the smoky eye but she certainly brought it to the forefront.

StyleList: What about those shiny lips?

Mathews: It was all about gloss back then. Remember those little glass bottles with the roller ball on top? Cherie told me they didn't bother with lipstick that much because it's more difficult to upkeep. And what 15-year-old you know is checking her red lipstick all day?

StyleList: Kristen Stewart made a splash when she started showing up at events with her shaggy Joan haircut. Did she carry over some of the makeup looks, too?

Mathews: Joan is an iconic figure -- how could you not? Kristen definitely had a lot of fun with the her character.

StyleList: Any tips for someone who wants to do a modern version of the '70s eyeliner look?

Mathews: One thing I wouldn't continue into modern times is the wing on top of the eyes. You'll see it in the movie. It was actually very hard to do and Cherie said it happened by mistake.

StyleList: It's funny -- we're so used to prepackaged pop princesses it's easy to forget how young and inexperienced The Runaways were.

Mathews: Right -- they were just kids and they didn't have makeup artists running around after them all day. They had to find a rock look that worked for them -- and they did. They figured it out on their own.