Tina Fey Vogue March 2010 Cover Green Dress

Tina Fey takes the plunge in Prada for Vogue. Photo: Mario Testino for Vogue

Score one for Team Nerd.

Her "30 Rock" alter ego Liz Lemon may be doomed with a junk food obsession, the occasional moustache and a penchant for wearing "Night Spanx," but you'd never guess that from funnywoman Tina Fey's knockout turn on the cover of Vogue's March issue.

While the cover features a specs-free Fey in a plunging (and we do mean plunging) green Prada dress, the inside portfolio -- shot by Mario Testino -- also features the comedienne in a black Dolce & Gabbana bodysuit and mouse ears. Watch your back, Lady Gaga.

So how did she enjoy her stint as a supermodel for a day?

"I was posing for [Mario Testino] and he was talking from behind the camera and he was like, 'You have to fliiiirt, darleeeng," the Fey recalls in an interview with Jonathan Van Meter. "You have to bee-leeve you are wuuuurthy to on the cover.'

"And then at one point he said very quietly, 'Lift your chin, darling. You are not eighteen.' And I was like, 'You probably say that to all the 23-year olds.'"

The hilarious star, who said she represents "normalcy in some way" (along with Rachael Ray) and that she doesn't "fit the mold," also discussed the impact of fashion magazines on body image.

"People will say, 'Oh, fashion magazines are so bad, they're giving girls a negative message' -- but we're also the fattest country in the world, so it's not like we're all looking at fashion magazines and not eating," Fey notes.

"Maybe it just starts a shame cycle: I'm never going to look like that model, so... Chicken McNuggets it is! And conversely, I don't look at models who are crazy skinny and think I want to look like that, because a lot of them are gigantic, with giant hands and giant feet."

Speaking of "shame cycles," the interview also includes a recollection of the star's biggest fashion mistakes growing up, including -- shudder -- a white denim suit and the Fey-coined "Mom Jeans."

Tina Fey mouse ears new york skyline vogue march

Tina Fey channels her inner '40s pinup and Minnie Mouse for Vogue. Photo: Mario Testino for Vogue

Liz Lemon would so approve.

To read more of Fey's interview, visit Vogue.com and pick up the March issue of Vogue.

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