The beauty at Peter Som Fall 2010. Photo: Getty Images

MAKEUP: Tom Pecheux for M.A.C
Laurent Philippon for Bumble and Bumble
SNAPSHOT: Upper East Side Meets Woodstock

THE SCOOP: When Peter Som designed his fall collection he had a very specific, albeit contradictory, girl in mind. "He said it's a girl from uptown, but she's also a bit crazy and naughty-on her way to Woodstock," explained makeup artist Tom Pecheux.

To complement the vibrant collection-a colorful mix of everything from furry coats and unusual polka dots to stripes and floral prints-Pecheux created a contrast between eyes and lips. Eyes, painted a beautiful beigey-gold and paired with long lashes, brought out the proper uptown side of the girl that Som had envisioned, while deep purple lips with a metallic finish drew out her naughty side.

"The clothes have a lot of contradictions that I like and I wanted the makeup to have that same contradiction," said Pecheux, who used a currant-colored lip pencil for perfect definition, before he applied a dark burgundy lipstick. He set the color by applying a mineralized powder eye shadow on top of the girls' lips.

Hair, at the hands of master stylist Laurent Philippon, was kept simple in an effort to balance the vibrant colors and textures in the collection. Locks were styled straight, worn down and parted in the middle.

Backstage beauty at Peter Som Fall 2010. Photo: Gillian Koenig for StyleList

"We wanted to do something quite graphic and minimalist, and very sexy," said Phillippon. "The collection has a really cool sophistication to it so we wanted to bring a simple element with the hair."

A muddy shade with just a hint of shimmer was painted on nails to finish off the look.

GET THE LOOK - MAKEUP: All makeup by M.A.C. Pecheux used Studio Sculpt Concealer on the eyelid and powdered the eye space with Invisible Set Powder. Next, he applied Legal Pigment all over the eyelid (from the lash to the brow and under the eye). Silver Dusk was then brushed on the inner eyes, brow bone and cheekbones. He applied false lashes on top and then coated with Studio Fix Lash Mascara. Pecheux lined lips with Currant Lip Pencil, and then applied Kittenish Lipstick. My Dark Mineralized Eye Shadow (available in September) was placed on top of lips for a shimmery metallic finish.

GET THE LOOK - HAIR: All products by Bumble and Bumble. Phillippon sprayed Bumble's Prep throughout strands to create healthy-looking hair. Flatiron hair and then part, very straightly, in the middle.

GET THE LOOK-NAILS: Zoya nail polish in Charity was painted on nails.