Backstage beauty at Gary Graham's Fall 2010 show during New York Fashion Week. Photo: Gillian Koenig for StyleList

MAKEUP: Mike Potter for M.A.C
HAIR: Pete Lennon for Privé
SNAPSHOT: Alien Allure

THE SCOOP: CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund finalist Gary Graham tempered his sometimes old-world aesthetic with futuristic, almost alien-inspired shapes for his fall collection, and nowhere was it more apparent than in the bold architectural hair and makeup that stylists turned out at his presentation Saturday.

Huge square-shaped updos extended unnaturally, but very beautifully outwards, while impossible-to-ignore, painted-on-black eyebrows added to the unearthly feeling.

"The look is definitely strong-it's almost unhealthy," quipped makeup artist Mike Potter, who used black eye liner to paint on statement-making brows. "There's ferociousness about it." Fierce indeed, the eyebrows did most of the talking while cheeks were left clean (except for a dewy finish) and lips painted nude.

Across the room, stylist Pete Lennon constructed an equally awe-inspiring look for hair-think an extreme stretched-out, blown-back take on a classic French twist-based on his conversations the designer. "I looked at Gary's collection and he kind of wanted a square shape –he made a reference to Geiger, who made the Alien movie-and first picture I googled was of this woman, who was half alien and half woman, and she had this amazing square shape so that's exactly what we did," explained Lennon. The architectural updo, the result of a lot of teasing, boasted, of all things, a bath sponge as its base, which Lennon attached into the back of hair with a comb, before wrapping hair over it.

All products by M.A.C. Potter drew on eyebrows with Penultimate Eye Liner in Rapid Black and brushed Silver Dust powder on girls' cheeks.

GET THE LOOK - HAIR: All products by Privé. Lennon teased hair quite a bit and sprayed the brand's Finishing Texture Spray to give hair a slightly dry feel. Next, he divided hair into sections before fastening the square-shaped bath sponge to the back of the head. Hair sections were then wrapped and pinned over the sponge.