project runway anthony williams turquoise dress marie claire cover

Anthony's winning look. Photo courtesy of Lifetime

Well, anybody who saw this week's "Project Runway" previews knew what was coming. The designers of Season 7 were promised a week five challenge of epic, "unprecedented" proportions, said Tim Gunn. He was right! Here's what happened:

Good morning: We begin challenge day at the Atlas Apartments watching Anthony Williams do his daily Bible study. (After being in the judges' bottom three twice, he certainly needs to say his prayers.) Alpha designer Mila Hermanovski is fretting that after two consecutive weeks in the top two no one has offered her congratulations. "Maybe they are jealous," she says.

The Challenge: Guest Marie Claire Editor-in-Chief Joanna Coles greets the judges dressed in head-to-toe New York black, which is noteworthy since this is the promised "All New York" season. She tells the designers their challenge is to dress a celebrity for the April cover of Marie Claire, a task that will put them in the same league as "Gucci and Versace."

Coles stresses the importance of creating an "eye-catching" design that will sell magazines. And if that doesn't have them shaking at their sewing machines, the dress is for Heidi Klum. Some of the designers gasp. Usually calm Amy Sarabi muses, "Well, the stakes are higher." Ya think?

The Workroom: Is as quiet and busy as we've seen it. Even talkative Williams is subdued. "it's the reality that everyone is trying to make it work,." he says. Only Seth Aaron Henderson won't shut up and some of the designers question if he is lighting up more than cigarettes on his frequent smoke breaks. Emilio Sosa is disgusted and says,"some people don't know how to work, chill, and let their garment do the talking." The designers start to turn on Hermanovksi, who remains confident. "Heidi will look great in my dress." We'll see about that.

The Guest Judge: Is Coles, who will demonstrate she has micro-mini patience for bad design and that she is even more capable of cutting the designers into shreds than judge Michael Kors.

The Runway Show: Is a hodge-podge of looks. The only theme in play is each designers personal vision of Klum. There is way too much beige, a weird suit from Henderson and a few desperately needed pops of color from Sosa, Williams and Sarabi Our verdict: The nervous designers were afraid to take a risk.

Who's In: Answered prayers! It's Anthony Williams who sews his way onto the cover of Marie Claire with an edgy turquoise mini dress that Heidi can't wait to wear. After weeks of trashing by the judges, Williams' joy is infectious. "For real? Did they say my name?" he whispers to his fellow contestants and then begins to whoop.The most stunning praise comes from Coles who says of his look, "If this is next spring, beam me up. I can't wait to get there!"

Who's Out: Another surprise! Mila Hermanovski lands in the bottom three for a dress Coles says reminds her of an Ace bandage. Ouch! Maybe that will, um, bleed some arrogance out of the designer. But the judges are not ready to have her clean up her work space yet.

Stay Tuned Kids: Next week it's kindergarten week on PR with a coterie of kid models. Hope they have juice boxes in the workroom.