Photo: Rob Loud, Getty Images

Designer: David Neville and Marcus Wainwritght of Rag & Bone

Inspiration: Scottish Highlanders layering for an urban battle

Top Looks: Dark gray Waterloo cape with a gray sweater, charcoal sweater dress and kilt; Plaid top and scarf with full body knit scarf and kilt; burgundy shearling bomber jacket worn over a wool coat, sweater, men's shirt and with black corduroy pants; green Harris tweed blazer with hoodie, black silk shirt, shorts; sleeveless Fair Isle sweater with black corduroy blazer, shirt dress and black corduroy pants

Accessories: Chic sporrans made for urban girls, cashmere legwarmers, sturdy boots that came in either black or brown, wedge or lace-up, bolero ties with hard crystal cincher

Who Was There: Anna Wintour and her daughter Bee Shaffer, model Poppy Delevigne, socialite Amanda Hearst, scores of pen-wielding editors

What We Thought: The thing about covering the fall collections in the stark cold of winter is that when you see a gorgeous fur-trimmed anorak or dense full-length Fair Isle sweater go by on a model, you almost want to jump out of your seat and grab it. Of course one can't do that but it's good sign for the designing duo who left many editors swooning all throughout their 32 looks.

This was the first time that the Rag & Bone boys were showing their women's collection as a stand alone show (its usually grouped in with the men's) and you can tell that they wanted to make a good impression. Indeed they did. Models were layered to a delightful degree, so much so that it was hard to take in everything at once as they sailed by.

Every look was multifaceted starting with the blue plaid shirt worn under a gray wool vest with a knit kilt, plaid scarf, cashmere legwarmers and tall black boots. The parade of hits continued with knit jackets, ponchos, leather dresses, blazers, shirt dresses, men's cardigans, and a plethora of other super separates.

Whether you're a country gal or a city slicker, there was something for everyone in the boys' first official girls' outing.

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