vivienne westowwod orange hair

Vivienne Westwood says don't shop till you drop. Photo: Kazuhiro Nogi, AFP/Getty Images

Dame Vivienne Westwood is known across the pond for her environmental crusades as much as her dramatic, eccentric fashions.

So, perhaps we should not be surprised by the designer's recent statements on BBC London Radio which urged fellow Londoners to stop shopping for six months in an effort not to be wasteful.

Oh, c'mon, Viv, can't we even hit the BOGO sale and score two pair of Christian Siriano for Payless shoes? Well, not if you sign on for the Westwood plan -- all about keeping it green, not economizing.

Westwood's goal, according to British Vogue, is to keep down the volume in British landfills. The broadcast was to express her continued commitment to London's Climate Change campaign, which has attracted fashionable supporters such as model Laura Bailey and actress Emma Thompson.

If one must shop, Westwood urged consumers to buy quality over quantity to avoid waste. We think this rings just a little self-serving for a fashion designer who did a collection called, "I Am Expensiv."

Westwood will show her Red Label collection in London on Feb. 21 and her Vivienne Westwood collection in Paris on March 5.

With all due respect to the woman who dressed Carrie for her big day in the "Sex and the City" movie, we presume creating the new fall collections resulted in just a tiny bit of waste.

Westwood's rational for preaching frugality? "We all have to play a part and if you engage with life, you will get a new set of values, get off the consumer treadmill and start to think and it is the great thinkers who will save the planet," she told listeners.

Now we get the homeless theme of her latest men's fashion show.

Does this mean we shouldn't be steaming off perfectly good wallpaper to dress up our humble abode with Westwood's new collection for Cole & Son?

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