It was all about texture at Sarafpour Fall 2010, with hair, makeup and nails that looked like satin. Photo: Grace Gold for AOL Stylelist

MAKEUP: Gordon Espinet for M.A.C
HAIR: Ashley Javier for Kérastase
NAILS: Roxanne Valinoti for CND
Snapshot: Girlish take on feminine elegance

With a Fall 2010 collection inspired by menswear, Sarafpour requested that the beauty look balance the clothing with a soft, feminine and sumptuous feel.

"We wanted a sophistication in the makeup that didn't seem overdone, because that just screams 'office lady,'" says Espinet. The result? Groomed brows, healthy skin and natural touches of makeup that complimented the complexion without overwhelming it - except when it came to the mascara. "I have seven sisters, so I know firsthand that a young girl never knows when to say 'when' with mascara, so we overdid the lashes. It's young and sexy," adds Espinet.

Finger tips followed suit in a neutral milky beige tone, enhanced by a matte topcoat that gave nails a cashmere look and feel.

"The Behnaz woman wants to be a part of something new, so we went for something more cutting edge with the hair," says Javier.The top middle portion of hair was pulled back into a "baby grand beehive," and knotted at the top of the head - with the rest of the hair left full and flowing, styled with a curling iron. "To make it less Toddlers and Tiaras, don't curl the ends of your hair - it looks too perfect. And brush through after curling so your hair picks up the wave in its own way," says Javier.

Behnaz Sarafpour getting her makeup done by MAC's Gordon Espinet. Photo: Grace Gold for AOL Stylelist

GET THE LOOK MAKEUP - For a soft look to the skin, Espinet applied Care Essential Oil to hydrate and prep, and made skin flawless with Mineralize SkinFinish Powder. A new caramel bronzer for fall that is yet to be named was blended on cheekbones while Tinted Lip Conditioner in Soothing Beige was dabbed on lips. Lots of black mascara and a touch of clear brow gel finished the look.

- After applying Mouse Nutri-Sculpt to strands and blowing out, the top center of hair was sectioned off and pulled straight back into a knot on the top of the head. A light spritz of Double Hold Hairspray held strands in place without making hair feel crunchy.

GET THE LOOK NAILS - For a soft, textured nail that looks like satin fabric, Valinoti used two coats of Dessert Suede Nail Polish followed with a coat of Super Matte for a lush finish.