Photos: Getty Images

DESIGNER: Elise Øverland

INSPIRATION: The '80s meet Cousin It.

TOP LOOKS: Navy velvet pantsuit with pumpkin-colored blouse; quilted motorcycle blazer paired with a leather pencil skirt; tailored LBD with textured front panel and furry shoulders

WHO WAS THERE: Heidi Klum, Peaches Geldof, Maggie Rizer, Lorenzo Martone, Bryan Boy

WHAT WE THOUGHT: Rock n' roll savvy designer Elise Øverland - she once made costumes for Aerosmith- looked to the '80s this season, churning out fitted leather cocktail dresses with deep-V backs, Cousin It-like fur jackets and trims and even a fire engine red leather jacket-dress reminiscent of Michael Jackson's "Beat It" days.

While we get that retro references are popular, we think the Norwegian designer (and noted leather master) excelled when focusing on more modern and fresh takes on skin pieces, including a sumptuous shearling jacket and a quilted motorcycle blazer.