Photo: Michael N. Todaro, FilmMagic

At the Alice & Olivia party on Saturday night, I came face to face with Kelly Osbourne, who was dressed in a black and white checked coat and little black dress. Osbourne's pretty pink lipstick immediately caught my eye, so I asked her for the details:

"I'm a MAC girl," Osbourne said. "My lipstick right now, I just went out and bought the Lady Gaga lipstick. I didn't even know she was doing the Viva Glam campaign, and when I saw her on the red carpet at the Grammys I was looking at the pictures like, 'Where did she get that lip color?! Where is that lip color?' And I was looking at Perez 'cause I read it every day, it's just funny. And I saw the lip color and I was like 'I have to go out and get that!' I know it's cheesy I went out and bought it."

We also asked Osbourne, who's become quite the fashionista, if she could recall the very first big fashion purchase she bought with her own money.

"I can, but my mom paid for half of it," Osbourne confessed. "It's this yellow Dolce & Gabbana trench coat with 3/4 length sleeves. And I still have it, I still wear it every now and then -- I've been photographed in it. And inside it's leopard print, and I used to think I was the coolest person in the entire world. And I looked after this coat so well, it was like my treasure, this thing, and I loved it. I still do!"