Photos: Imaxtree (3)

DESIGNER: Scott Sternberg for Band of Outsiders, Boy

INSPIRATION: The designer cites, "An image of Manhattan immersed in the snow, a fantastic notion for a guy from L.A."; 1972 Woody Allen, "before he got really famous," Joan Didion," and outdoors brand REI.

WHO WAS THERE: Kirsten Dunst, artists and arty-types from New York and L.A., mens and women's editors from all the top books, omnipresent bloggers Susie Bubble and Bryan Boy

TOP LOOKS: Colorful patchwork fur vest; Wide leg plaid plaid pants with an oversize cardigan; navy toggle coat; sporty vest worn over 1970s style knitted boot-cut ski pants

ACCESSORIES: Saddle shoes and oxfords with gigantic cleats; black platform sandals with silver and gold uppers, worn with socks. Light blue tinted oversize sunglasses from Silver Lining Opticians. Earrings by Dean Harris.

WHAT WE THOUGHT: Sternberg worked for Creative Artists Agency before he started designing clothes and his Hollywood sets (and references) are always part of the fun. This season, there was a boy sitting atop a suspended chandelier, in what looked like a scene from a just packed-up debut ball. And there was an apres-ski set-up, with a mound of snow, parking meters, a vintage snow mobile, evergreens and 1970s Mercedes outside of which, one might take off their ski-boots or snow cleats.

Interspersed amongst the props were boys and girls in vernacular 1970s WASP wear. For the girls, highlights from the everyday chic wear include a navy wool flannel zip cape, a heather gray peacoat cum-double breasted blazer, plaid bell bottoms, oversize cardigans and scarves, short fur jackets, and trim button-down shirts. Sternberg loves the preppy 1970s and the Americana intrinsic to it, and so, it seems, do his ardent fans.