betsey johnson fall 2010 fashion week runway kelly osbourne moustache

Betsey Johnson's take on the Wild Wild West. Photo: Astrid Stawiarz, Getty Images l Stefan Gosatti, Getty Images (2)

DESIGNER: Betsey Johnson

INSPIRATION: Gunfight at the BJ Corral

TOP LOOKS: Dice print onesie; Marilyn Monroe pop art dress; lace bolero over a purple patterned dress, lots of crinoline

Hats adorned with birds, velvet bow ties, suspenders, fishnets, bank robber-style eye masks

Robert Verdi, Irina Pantaeva, Stylist Rebecca Weinberg, Betsey's daughter and granddaughters

If anyone can do raunchy Western wear and get away with it, it's Betsey Johnson. Her shows always have an element of audience participation and as Kelly Osbourne opened the show in a "double barrel bustle coat," the raucous catcalling began. The looks were divvied up into 13 categories, including 'Banditos,' 'Gamblers,' 'Vagabonds' and 'Brothlettes'

There were crinolines, bustles and flounce aplenty. The parade of costume-y fare would leave the average teenager/twenty-something Betsey-ophile at a loss. But then came the 'Madame' group -- the kind of classic floor-length black prom dresses that make Betsey the go-to designer for high school juniors and seniors. One thing's for sure, we'll never get tired of seeing Betsey do her signature cartwheel down the runway.

Plus, get the details on Betsey Johnson's runway hair and makeup.