Photos: Chris Moore/Catwalking, Getty Images

DESIGNER: Chris Benz

The great outdoors meets renegade debutantes

TOP LOOKS: Camo-colored fur with mint green dress with embellished crystal detail; cheery plaid ensembles such as suits, coats and jackets; shiny lurex cropped jacked with warm blue mini-dress; tangerine day dress with matching vest and hood

Fur! In the form of hats, hoods, and mittens.

WHO WAS THERE: Susan Sarandon, Kelly Osbourne, editors galore

WHAT WE THOUGHT: With almost entirely black collections so prevalent on the runways for fall, walking into Chris Benz's presentation on the West Side of Manhattan was a much needed breath of (colorful) air. The designer prides himself on utilizing bright palettes and did so with aplomb this season. Fabrics - such as shiny lurex, soft crochet knits, and plush furs - were as diverse as the assortment of colorful hues.

There was a silk tie-dyed gown in hues of peach, chartreuse, and blue; a nectarine orange day dress with matching vest and fur hat; an embellished lime green mini-dress with matching camouflage fur hoodie. Plaids were imagined in funky checked combos of yellow, purples, pinks and green and came in the form a suit, coat, and low-rise cropped pants. The latter was paired with a sleeveless floral print top with cutouts and worn under a super embellished matching plaid jacket. It was a look Benz's devil-may-care debutante would pull off glamorously in detention.