Jessica Szohr and her tats. Photos: Bryan Bedder, Getty Images for IMG (2)

Celebrity tattoos always interest us, so ink was on our mind when we approached the lovely Jessica Szohr at Tracy Reese today. We spotted one obvious tat on the "Gossip Girl" star's foot, and asked "What's the meaning behind your tattoo?"

"Which one?" Szohr laughed, revealing that her extremities were decorated with more then a few.

"Wow! I guess...give me a run-down on all of them," I said.

"This is my grandparents' anniversary [points to a number on her left arm], just a little check mark [on her other arm], that's my mom's nickname, and uh, yeah. [Szohr doesn't comment on the tattoos on her feet--a cherub/angel-like character and some numbers on the top of her right fot, and some letters on the outside of her left].

"So how many do you have total?" I asked.

"That's for me to know and no one else to know!" she said.

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