Julia Stiles, au naturel. Photo: Getty Images

We'll always remember Julia Stiles for the scene where she gets jiggy to Biggie in "Ten Things I Hate About You." But when the star showed up to the Tracy Reese show today, I had to ask about her perfect curls.

"Is this your natural texture?" I asked.

"It is! I finally learned to embrace my curls. I hope you like it," said Stiles.

"I do! And I'm naturally curly, too. Tell me what products you're using."

"There's a company called Devacurl that's like, miraculous." Stiles said.

I asked the star who she credits her lovely style to:

"There's a woman named Jennifer, she works out of Oscar Blandi salon, and I go to Devachan, too."

Finally, I asked what Stiles has been up to, and where we'll see her next:

"The whole last year I was doing a play on Broadway, and now I'm reading a ton of things and trying to figure out what I'm gonna do next! I have my eye on a few things..."

Looking forward to seeing what those things are, Julia.