betsey johnson $3 million dollar bottle chambord diamonds

Betsey Johnson unveils some seriously luxe liquer. Photo: Brian Killian, WireImage

How exactly does one create a $3 million dollar bottle of Chambord?

The jeweler Donald Edge explained how, as designer Betsey Johnson unveiled his blinged-out bottle on Monday at New York Fashion Week.

"There's a 10.31 karat emerald cut diamond, a 9.05 princess cut, a 3.01 pear-shaped flawless on top, and 1,100 other diamonds," he told me.

The spectacular object -- which is on a world tour including London and Berlin Fashion Weeks, Australia and Florida -- sat nearby, rotating (under heavy guard) on a platform at the W Hotels Lounge.

Betsey told me that she was happy to help out, as the good folks at Chambord are great supporters of the National Breast Cancer Coalition.

"I am a ten-year survivor of breast cancer, and they are very generous," she said. "So you know, every time you take a sip of Chambord, you're doing your bit to help out."

Johnson herself admits to being not so good at hanging onto bling, revealing that he has lost a diamond bracelet and a Cartier watch in her time. "I left the watch in the pocket of my robe at a spa," she said with a shrug. "Now I give my jewelry to my daughter so I know where it is!"

Meanwhile, next door at the Mercedes Benz Star Lounge, model Chanel Iman was cracking up fellow mannequins with her crazy sense of humor. As we previously reported, Iman is one of four faces to grace a cover of the fantastic model Website, Modelinia's new magazine. For a taste of Miss C-I's humor you can check out her videos here -- and I especially recommend the one with Subversive Jewelry designer, Justin Giunta.

Not that it was all smiles and bubbles among models at the Tents. After the Diane von Furstenberg show Sunday, model Natalia Vodianova was observed in a state backstage, having lost her Givenchy jacket. The garment -- assistants dispatched to find it seemed to be confused as to whether it was leather or fur -- had more than just sentimental value: one panicked soul I spoke to said: "That jacket is worth as much as a car!"

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