Brooke Shields. Photo: Bryan Bedder, Getty Images

I know nothing gets between Brooke Shields and her Calvins, but who knew the actress was also a big Pamella Roland fan?

The green eyed goddess (yes, she's still gorgeous in person) sat front row at the show. I asked the actress to share her best fashion tips for all the fellow moms out there. If you'd like to look as good as Shields, heed her three style tips for moms:

1. Pick the right dress.
Shields relies on two classic cuts for dresses that not only hide a few extra pounds, but also can be thrown on in a hurry: "There are certain shapes," Shields says, when asked what types of clothes are good for moms. " A-line and wrap dresses."

2. Give yourself a break.

No one expects a new mom to look perfect, so don't be your own worst critic. "It's taken you a really long time to get that baby, so don't expect to be rail thin right now, or maybe ever," Shields says. "A lot of people want to instantly lose weight and I say... give yourself a break."

3. Cute shoes are never comfortable.
When I asked if Shields has any tips for comfortable shoes, she says, "It's never about comfort. It really has nothing to do with comfort," she laughs. "Actually," she adds later, "A platform shoe to me is the most comfortable." Even so, Shields makes no qualms about her love of pretty shoes -- comfort be damned! "I don't care how uncomfortable and how high -- as long as they're gorgeous, I love 'em!"